dA AuDiTiOn~~

>> Friday, 22 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day got da audition .. form 2s oni .. balau's one and only "Balau Idol" is very nice!! haha~ wei wern is sth like paul moss .. haha~ and then cengal's drama is sooooooo damn funny .. is like in da class .. got Sia and pn Julie inside .. i tink .. very funny men .. dunno got go 2 da finals or not .. belian just dance half of da Bye Bye song .. wtv song larz .. its ok larz .. hehe~ well we just dance half then pn julie ask us 2 stop .. she said we are in 2 da finals!! YAY!! very happy .. dunno why .. =p today is yuk chai's children's day .. all those small kids are sooooooooo noisy larz .. aihz .. if my eardrum is broken, i'm gotta sue them!! nyahahahaha~

aihz .. cant see Jay's pic .. think i forgot 2 upload it .. gotta change a new layout .. aihz ..

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