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>> Wednesday, 13 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. a lotta ppl came .. maybe some nv come larz .. quite boring .. maths tcher teach us da 4 digit table or wtv u call that .. hope i dun 4get again .. =] and then er .. moral .. we play millionaire .. not reli very nice .. when i am in std 6, its so nice!! dunno why .. std 6 i can even shout cuz need 2 give quite lotta money 2 da owner of a land .. if u noe how 2 play u'll noe what i mean .. after that we count the money .. i lazy 2 count, but i tink got 5 or 6 numbers .. wow .. if in reality i got so much money, then my house will filled with cds .. hehe~ PJ we play basketball .. keruing and cengal and kempas .. we, that is kempas lost!! ah .. da cengal and keruings are quite tall .. then kH lorz .. quite boring .. MiN and iYiN play congkak, while me, ReNe, Zhe Juin and PiN chat, cuz nth 2 play .. then they do their elektronik .. then we chat again .. aihz .. quite boring .. cant bring UNO cards .. why ar?? stoopid larz .. so boring larz .. aihz .. well this is all da boring things i did in skool 2day .. bUhbWAiZ

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