>> Friday, 29 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day no school .. just form 1s .. i went back 2 Yuk Chai .. cuz my friend come 2 my house n teman her go there .. so i go lorz .. aihz cant find the canteen .. cuz they change da place .. da roller coaster (u noe, the junk food) is 50 sens .. omg so xpensive .. lolz .. i tot it is 40 sens or less .. aihz .. oh my friend, that is esther, ask me 2 meet yijienn .. wow long time never see her adie ..she is thinner .. oh esther is taller n thinner .. this makes me feel depressed .. lolz .. yijienn said that her bro (dunno what name) like iyin's sis .. omg .. haha~ think iyin will be mad if she read this .. but dun think so .. =p

then we went to yijienn's house .. yeap went before .. but still think that the house is big .. lolz .. she is so damn rich .. well we played Cho Dai D .. well in cantonese larz .. think my luck is quite bad today .. i just win for 1 time, since that is da first time i sang ZChen's Bao You Wo [bless me] .. aihz .. then we play speed .. cuz long time nv play adie, so became slow .. luckily my standard is as same as esther's .. =p then we play da dancin map .. it is nice, but is quite hard .. now i know why yijienn is soo thin .. she hv dancin class, n she hv this dancin map .. aihz .. jealous .. =p then she teach us Britney Spears' Cinderella .. i think the dance her dancin teacher teach .. aihz alwiz 4get steps .. although its quite easy .. =p then we play Cho DAi D again .. aihz alwiz lose .. sobz .. went back at 5 sth .. so damn fun .. =)

the piggy is still unresistable .. =)


Last day in school

>> Thursday, 28 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. today is the last day in school .. well kinda .. maybei'll come again in november or december 2 buy books .. lolz ..

today we did some boring things .. we are in da hall .. all of us were grouped into 8 person .. in our group got me, rene, pin, iyin, zhe juin, sarah chan n liyin from keruing .. teachers gave us mahjong paper n old newspaper .. they say need 2 advertise about a place .. cut the pix or wtv from the paper n stick it on the mahjong paper .. actually it is quite boring .. well belian got the best ad .. i wonder why belian's luck is so good this year .. lolz .. after that recess .. very very lil choice .. SERIOUS .. aihz .. then we went back to our class in blok D, cuz blok A, B, C n F's table are arranged for SPM .. we sang in da class .. and then chat .. and then shout .. n do some boring things lorz .. like saw someone walk by we laugh .. or if we saw someone we know walks by we shout their name .. haha~ i know its lame .. cuz nth 2 do .. haha~ i think this is da year which i shouted the most .. hehe~ aihz last day in school meetin my frens .. hope we are still in da same class .. =)

aihz .. need 2 prepare to hv a really boring hols .. sigh .. n need 2 find a new layout for my bloggie .. aihz .. life is weird .. for no reason .. =p

the piggy is still cute


tUeSdAy n wEdNeSdAy

>> Wednesday, 27 October 2004

hAyEeZ!! ah finally .. cuz i cant log in these days, so quite some times nv update my blog .. =p okie so lets start with er .. tuesday ..

all form 2s gotta perform .. for dunno wat .. well we lost .. sobz .. 3rd is 2 Jati, actually quite funny .. haha~ andthen 2nd is dunno what band .. i think is ok lorz .. =p and 1st is .. yeap .. 2 Belian .. hmm .. maybe bcuz of their costume and they got guyz, so they got 1st .. oh well ..

after recess, we go 2 da hall for the retirement of pn chan .. they let us see pn chan's photo .. wow she is pretty when she wan younger .. =) and then er .. Pn nancy and hwee lynn hving a duet, singin the wind beneath my wings .. cant hear hwee lynn sing .. cuz too soft .. hehe .. well Pn chan sit on da stage to hv a closer look, for what the teachers said .. i think pn chan cried .. cuz is touching .. =) and i think pn betty also wanna cry .. u can know when she wants us to sing that wat jolly song .. =p then the pengrusi represents the class to give the presents lorz .. and then when pn chan wanna leaving the stage, her family came!! with a bouque of flowers!! omg how sweet .. i think pn chan is hving a happier retirement then pn cathering, which retires last year .. hehe~

after that i went to pasar malam .. finding for da cd stall but cant even find one .. maybe cuz of the rain .. sobz .. need 2 wait again ..

Wednesday, that is today
today need to take report card .. only a few pplz came, since teacher said come or dun come oso can .. i came .. sobz .. and i'm the last one who went back .. aihz .. rene, iyin, pin and zhe juin came .. charis, mian n hui wen came 2 .. aihz very boring leh .. hui wen is the 2nd last who went back .. aihz just hangin out with her after my frens went back .. call our parents .. well we both use bout 90 sens to phone .. lolz .. after hui wen went back, i wait sumwhere near the stairs, so that i can see my mom .. actually i juz walk here n there .. sometimes sing a few songs .. cuz i'm too boring .. lolz .. at bout 12, my mom came .. aihz .. still dunno why i came 2 skool ..

the piggy is still soooooo cute!! maybe i'll take pig as my 2nd fave animal .. lolz



>> Monday, 25 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day we watched the day after tomorrow .. dunno why .. well never watch it before but kinda boring .. maybe the weather its too hot .. hot weather makes me wanna sleep .. aihz .. rene told iyin the whole story .. if u know the story the movie wont be so nice larz .. then we hv rehearsal .. well i think our dance is worse then last time .. maybe cuz we never practice .. =p they say need 2 go 2 pin's house 2 practice .. aihz .. i obviously cant go larz .. maybe i practice myself?? aihz ..

rene and pin and er .. min i think gave me a pencil case and a reli reli cute piggy!! the pencil case's material is jeans .. i wonder how they know .. maybe i told pin too much .. =p and the piggy is sooooooooooo cute!! i just cant resist it .. hmm .. i realized pink represents sweet, hehe .. thx 2 da cute piggy!! maybe i need 2 give it a name .. hmm .. oh well i need 2 think a looong time for a name, so bUhbWAiZ



>> Sunday, 24 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day i went to pin's house .. well i dunno why we go there .. =p juz me and zhe juin went 2 her house .. we observe pin's bed .. well looks like a zoo, cuz got da llama, donkey and a horse .. haha~ cuz we are quite boring .. oh pin, pin's bro and pin's uncle are cleaning da house, so we are kinda disturbing them .. sorry yea .. and then we play UNO lorz .. i lose .. sobz .. haha~ then we went 1U .. cuz zhe juin and pin wanna buy da bandana or wtv and a hat .. we walk for so damn long baru buy 2 bandanas .. then we walk for a loooooong time baru saw a shop which sold hates that is RM5 .. haha cheap .. i bought one, blue colour .. cuz pin took the nicest beidge colour .. sobz .. oh and pin is reli weird .. she says black represents elegant, blue represents freedom, yellow represents money ,white represents romantic and red represents death .. weird larz .. i think that white represents pure, or maybe innocent, and yellow represents sunshine .. and purple represents scary .. aiyah its true larz .. haha~ then we went 2 McD to eat .. so damn full men .. then we go back lorz .. pin wore a high heel shoe .. when she walk the time her shoe fell off .. hahahaha~

well 8PM got da super TVBS concert live in AEC .. well i gotta watch!! bUhbWAiZ ..


NeW LayOuT

>> Friday, 22 October 2004

New layout!! like it?? hehe~ DiorAngel's creation .. actually wanna use the JJ's layout, but no link 2 host the pic, so i decided 2 use da 2nd i lurv most!! hehe~


dA AuDiTiOn~~

hAyEeZ .. 2day got da audition .. form 2s oni .. balau's one and only "Balau Idol" is very nice!! haha~ wei wern is sth like paul moss .. haha~ and then cengal's drama is sooooooo damn funny .. is like in da class .. got Sia and pn Julie inside .. i tink .. very funny men .. dunno got go 2 da finals or not .. belian just dance half of da Bye Bye song .. wtv song larz .. its ok larz .. hehe~ well we just dance half then pn julie ask us 2 stop .. she said we are in 2 da finals!! YAY!! very happy .. dunno why .. =p today is yuk chai's children's day .. all those small kids are sooooooooo noisy larz .. aihz .. if my eardrum is broken, i'm gotta sue them!! nyahahahaha~

aihz .. cant see Jay's pic .. think i forgot 2 upload it .. gotta change a new layout .. aihz ..



>> Thursday, 21 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. i'm late to school again .. hehe~ well let see what happen .. ermm .. ah we hv a singin patriotik song competition .. juz 2 songs 2 choose, that is Jalur Gemilang and Keranamu Msia .. most of em choose Keranamu Msia .. well we are obviously not gonna win this .. Yu Szen is da conductor .. well you know how da conductor moves their hands right? he simply move, and sometimwshaha~ my friend said that 2 kempas is born to entertain others .. haha~ very agree .. 2 Belian got first .. well as i expected .. hehe~ they are quite good .. and then we hv a skin care ceramah .. the first part i nv listen .. cuz Zhe Juin kept doing me .. aihz .. after that got listen lorz .. Eating chocs wont get pimples??!! weird .. everyone of us got one sample of their facial wash or sth .. 5ml oni .. haha~ then we went back to class lorz .. practice dancin .. after practicin 2 times Rene (i tink) invite the ones who nv dance .. not reli very high .. maybe we need 2 try other ways?? hehe~

well i need 2 change another layout for my blog .. dun think u guyz can see da Jay Chou pic .. =p 4get to upload it .. okie bUhbWAiZ


tOdAy sO MaLaNg ..

>> Wednesday, 20 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. today so damn malang .. cuz 2day my piano teacher came, and she taught me from 10.30 to 11.30 .. and my transporter came at 11.55 .. aihz .. she came when i'm hving my lunch .. and my maid told her that i wont go 2 skool .. g r r .. and then i went 2 yuk chai 2 wait for my transporter .. and i wait 4 so damn long .. for every 30 seconds i see my watch .. hoping i'm not late .. when i wanna borrow a uncle's hp 2 phone my transporter, she came .. ah finally .. but still late larz .. hehe .. well i wore pJ clothes .. and kena by Merah .. well ppl who wore pj clothes and nv bring uniform .. aihz .. well when we are called, i am so damn scared .. rene and iyin are so lucky .. they brought their uniform .. and then after i went in, no feelings at all .. haha~ i cant even listen what Merah said .. just dun do it again .. haha~ i'm weird .. well and then pJ lorz .. and then kH .. i think pn soo nv come .. we wait outside da teacher's office quite long .. and then we went back our class .. and then we wanna practice our dance .. dunno who invited the nv-dancin ones 2 dance with us .. we are kinda crazy .. haha~ so damn fun .. dance and dance and dance .. haha~ my hand still ache, but not as ache as yesterday .. aihz .. need audition ..


dAnCiN .. AgAiN

>> Tuesday, 19 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. oh my hand ache more then ever .. now 2 hands larz .. aihz .. kesian kesian .. =p well i reached skool late .. again .. oh i late 2 skool yesterday 2 .. =p we need 2 study 4 kH .. aihz .. teacher always call me 2 do on da board .. dunno why .. hehe~ and then we had da sex education .. and they say when we hv period our stomach will cramp .. if it cramp for a loooong time we need 2 consult a doc .. and our legs are pain, cuz we sit on da floor .. do we need 2 see a doc?? hmm .. oh well the ceramah takes up half of our recess .. and we took another half 2 change .. thank god i'm not easily hungry .. hehe .. now the dance i can rmb most of em adie .. maybe except da solo part .. always 4get .. hehe~ cuz all our solos are different .. hehe~ i dun like all the same .. i like changing .. hehe~ kesian JJ .. but dun think will change so fast on that larz .. hehe~ aiyoh my hands ache larz .. esp my right hand .. aihz .. quite tired .. so think need 2 sleep early .. but not now .. =p need 2 find new skin .. hey i saw one JJ's skin!! thx Ev0nE .. hehe~ okie gotta find more .. so bUhbWAiZ



>> Monday, 18 October 2004

Long time never post any of da quizzes that i played .. since i'm boring, i post some!!

Your anime hair color is blue.

What is your anime hair color?
brought to you by Quizilla


My LeG AcHeS ..

hAyEeZ .. yesterday sleep da time my neck ache and i have a headache .. i wonder why .. oh juz came home and bath .. we come back early today .. at school we just practice dancin .. i got most of it adie, but still kinda blur .. =p cuz it is quite er .. messy .. hehe~ no offense larz .. we dance Hey You .. a lotta solo .. means 2 ppl dance oni .. simply dance =p .. gotta practice more .. cuz dun think i dance good .. not even a OK .. aihz .. and i think i dance/stand 2 long, so my leg aches .. aihz wat 2 do?? hope can sleep .. =p well gotta go practice .. bUhbWAiZ



>> Sunday, 17 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. woke up at 9 sth .. actually is quite early adie .. i normally wake up at 10 sth .. hehe~ very weird .. very weird .. well i dunno y i wake up early .. and then i go downstairs and eat my breakfast .. i normally hv breakfast and read da paper .. and da FIRST PAGE of da entertainment news (i normally read this first), JJ IS ON IT!! i'm easily get high .. well maybe half of dat news .. he won some awards in da ermm .. China best Songs award or wtv, since i direct translate it .. he beat Jay Chou!! wow .. chun-ted!! Jay chou is very good, but JJ beat him!! oh yea .. i say its weird cuz when i wake up early (8 or 9 sth), the entertainment news will hv JJ in it .. wow .. thats why .. i tink this is da 3rd time .. hmm .. weird .. =] btw da credit is god, letting me wake up at so damn early 2 see JJ, me, for waking up so early =p , da reporters for reporting da news, da person who sents da paper and er .. JJ!! for being a singer

nv go 2 Pin's house and practice dancin .. aihz so damn boring at home .. and i heard they practice a lot adie .. aihz .. we dance Hey You .. i tink .. da ones in pin's house will hv a lotta fun .. sobz .. hope they missed me .. =p hehe~ hope i can cope up 2 their dancin .. da Trivia Party is not reli very funny .. Wilber's best friend Tag Zhi Zhong is one of da guest 2day!! nyahahahaha .. kesian iYiN .. Tang is quite quiet .. and serious .. cant stand serious people .. =p Prawn's heart is in da HEAD??!! then where's his brain?? hmm ..

i watched WuHa's MV again!! nyahahahaha .. so damn funny .. mum ask me why am i laughing so much .. kesian iYiN .. nv gotta see .. but i'm kesian-er .. cuz she gotta go shopping in 1U, and i stay at home!! grr .. and i heard Min went 2 da Yu Xie Jiang .. why dun she call me?? grr ..

finally da mouse is fixed .. so get used 2 using keyboard .. but i'm easily change .. nyahahahaha~ but maybe i'll like Jay Chou after JJ!! hehe~ Jay is da 2nd in my heart .. u noe da 1st larz .. hehe~ well most of da good news is in this post .. and gotta bring pJ clothes 2mrw .. aihz .. oh i gotta go .. bUhbWAiZ



>> Saturday, 16 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day went 2 Rene's house and practice dancin, which needs 2 perform .. we just learn some .. i think .. we watched Hey You's MV for a lotta times 2 learn their dance .. so hard men!! plus i hv short memory .. =] Rene and Zhe Juin (i tink) imagine they kill da dragon in da MV .. so imaginary .. haha~ we went 2 Sandy Park 2 practice some stunts .. well there's 1 that i (i tink) need 2 stand on someone's leg/knee and da shoulder and need 2 balance!! aih i so damn scared i fell down and hit my head and blah .. and i cant balance .. hehe~ sorry ah Zhe Juin ..and ermm .. we watched da forbidden city of dunno wat .. cuz got da dancin part .. there is one guy, dunno wat name, hv da nose dat Lillian Too will like .. if u watch da lillian too show on AEC, u'll know .. dat person's nose has no pointed edge, which is called poison arrows, 2 lillian too .. haha~ its discovered by Rene .. her eye damn chun .. see show also see da nose .. haha~ and 5566's member Wang Ren Fu's nose hole is very big .. haha~ everytime see him also need 2 laugh .. haha~ i tink we are da 2nd Paul Moss .. nyahahahaha~ 2mrw need 2 go Pin's house 2 practice .. aihz dun think can larz .. hate ppl say no without reasonable reasons .. HATE THAT!!


My hANd AcHe

>> Friday, 15 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. today we come 2 skool early 2 practice our dance, and go back early .. cuz da malays got puasa .. kesian them .. =] iYiN said she will reached at 12.30 or maybe a lil late .. but guess wat, after we come (xcept Zhe Juin), she came, at 12.50!! aihz .. she ar, its not nice 2 be late, since u promise 2 reach at a certain time .. she wore a weird pants, which da colours is not nice .. then she stepped on dog shit!! OMG .. 1st time saw someone stepped it .. kesian her .. who ask her 2 be so late huh?? lolz .. then Betty call us 2 go 2 dewan .. they want us 2 hv a gotong royong .. 2 clean up da tables and chairs .. luckily we nv kena Sia and Suguna, which is da teacher 2 watch us .. suguna will nag 4eva non stop, and Sia, aihz .. dun talk bout it .. we hv not enuff thinner, and we change da water every er .. 2 minutes i think, and we got da water every 7 minutes .. just estimate da time oni ar!! hehe~ my hand is soooo pain, cuz of da rubbing .. my hand still a lil pain .. aihz .. no class leh .. cuz before rehat we clean, then after rehat need 2 wait for betty 2 check if its reli clean, and its almost time 2 go back, so we stay there .. Charis gives us da script for da drama .. after that we practice our dance again .. just practice a lil bit .. Rene set a rule that whoever is not serious need 2 pay 1 bick, at first, and then 2 bucks, and then 3!! haha~ oh when we were cleaning da classroom, Pn Lee was checkin da marks, or wtv .. i got numbuh 4!! hooray!! but dunno can go 2 better class or not .. cuz got PMR mah .. need 2 be more hardworking .. =p iYiN 4got 2 bring money for Rene, cuz iYiN want 2 buy Wilber's WuHa album .. nyahahahaha~ cant buy lorz .. this is da ermm .. balasan 2 be sooo late, which make us stand under da sun and finding for shelter for almost 20 minutes!! nyahahahaha~ i'm PURE evil .. need 2 stop here .. bUhbWAiZ



>> Thursday, 14 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. Pn Noor gave us a crossword puzzle 2 solve .. then bM .. luckily she doesnt give us anythin 2 do .. ermm i mean NEARLY .. hehe~ we play Millionaire .. today i'm quite lucky .. lots of money comin in .. if thats REAL money and its mine then good lorz .. aihz .. and then English .. suguna said need 2 multiply with 90, not 100, so all our marks went down .. waaaaaay down .. i got 80 .. =] cuz got 8 for my homework/attitude i tink .. hehe~ PoL Sia asks us 2 do anythin we want .. for da first time he is good .. and then someone put a chewing gum or sth on da floor .. some ppl stepped it .. then Zhe Juin suggest 2 let Sia 2 step on it .. she move the table a lil bit .. and Sia reli step on it!! its in my expectation, cuz sia dun look at the floor when he walks .. haha~ Pn Tan give us 2 solve a crossword puzzle and another thing, which has no name 2 do .. our group is me, Pin, iYiN and Min .. at first we are quite serious, doin all that, then we start crapping again .. the no-name thing some are quite hard .. some we just tembak, and its correct!! and da crossword puzzle which need 2 find elements and compound, most of them we tembak .. haha~ the crossword puzzle got lotta "AMUI", and i say the person who did this love Anita Mui a lot, and 2 show the world how much that person loves Anita Mui, he decided 2 use this way 2 show it .. haha~ lame huh .. finally we finished .. we found a lotta words inside the puzzle .. haha~ conclusion -- relax and being crappy sumtimes is good .. haha~ okie i laughed 2 much .. need 2 rest, bUhbWAiZ ..


bORiNg ..

>> Wednesday, 13 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. a lotta ppl came .. maybe some nv come larz .. quite boring .. maths tcher teach us da 4 digit table or wtv u call that .. hope i dun 4get again .. =] and then er .. moral .. we play millionaire .. not reli very nice .. when i am in std 6, its so nice!! dunno why .. std 6 i can even shout cuz need 2 give quite lotta money 2 da owner of a land .. if u noe how 2 play u'll noe what i mean .. after that we count the money .. i lazy 2 count, but i tink got 5 or 6 numbers .. wow .. if in reality i got so much money, then my house will filled with cds .. hehe~ PJ we play basketball .. keruing and cengal and kempas .. we, that is kempas lost!! ah .. da cengal and keruings are quite tall .. then kH lorz .. quite boring .. MiN and iYiN play congkak, while me, ReNe, Zhe Juin and PiN chat, cuz nth 2 play .. then they do their elektronik .. then we chat again .. aihz .. quite boring .. cant bring UNO cards .. why ar?? stoopid larz .. so boring larz .. aihz .. well this is all da boring things i did in skool 2day .. bUhbWAiZ


QuiTe bORiNg

>> Tuesday, 12 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day is quite boring .. and quiet .. cuz a lotta ppl nv come 2 skool .. aihz .. lets start my post from da morning .. =]

i dreamt JJ .. again .. hehe~ ermm .. the location is in Genting, Time is unrecognizable .. da dream its quite short oni .. compare 2 my last one .. actually JJ's part is quite short oni .. hehe~ the weather is quite misty .. i saw 2 ppl, wearing those ancient-china clothes, u noe those clothes u saw in da shows, they are using a sword and fight .. i tink 1 girl 1 boy .. and far from them is a stage .. i sat quite far from them and da stage .. theres no chair, so i sit on da floor .. hehe~ and then i heard someone singing .. cant recognize da voice and da song .. cuz da song is kinda fast .. and then when da song comes 2 da chorus, i noe its JJ's Hai Pa .. it is kinda fast .. wanna make sure its JJ, i ran towards da stage .. just after i make sure its him, he turns around and ran away .. i tink he sees me .. sobz .. beside the stage theres a thing that can climb .. dunno 2 where larz .. he climb that thing .. hehe~ and then suddenly i change 2 those ancient-china clothes (its hard 2 imagine) and fly towards that 2 person, rmb?? and then i use the sword that came nowhere 2 fight with those 2 person .. weird .. no reasons .. haha~ then my maid woke me up .. aihz .. this is really weird, these days i nv listen 2 JJ's songs, maybe watched JJ's Mei Ren Yu 's MV, but just once!! and why are those ancient-china ppl there?? weird ..

only 18 ppl came 2day .. Pn Lee let us play Maths Magic .. the game is ok lorz .. i won!! hehe~ i counted my percentage .. its not 70++ ar .. i counted wrongly .. its just 65, cuz just 8 subjects .. i cant get an A, but i can get 75++ for my percentage if my geografi got 80 and above .. =] aihz .. got so low .. and then its Seni .. i tink .. Cik Noor Aini wants us 2 make a japanese doll .. she is kinda excited .. hehe~ i make a no-head doll, which her dress is pink!! nyahahahaha~ i got Fish's Yan Wei Die adie!! yay!!

after Seni, Pn koh came in .. aihz .. so damn scary .. Pin, Zhe Juin, iYiN and Min played a dunno what game, which needs 2 pass a story 2 da last person, and dat person need 2 say the story loudly .. me and Rene is boring, and dun wanna play their game, so we play our own .. we play the finger-doll game .. haha~ my finger is Jay Chow, and Rene's finger is Jolin Tsai .. haha~ if u noe some rumours from da chinese entertainment news u'll know why we choose this couple .. haha~ Rene's acting skills (or maybe making sound skills) is chun-ted .. i cant react!! haha~ and then we play iYiN and Wilber .. iYiN heard that, but she dont know Rene's finger is her .. Wilber's chinese name is Pan Wei Bo, and normally we say da full name, and iYiN just call Wei Bo .. is she close 2 Wilber?? and then we play Ella and ZChen, 4 dunno wat reason .. haha~ we are very boring mah .. Koh said that the six (or five??) of us is da noisest, especially iYiN .. rene said that deaf ppl usually speaks very loud .. that means iYiN .. cuz i can call her 100 times, and at da 100 time baru she heard me .. this is true!! nyahahahaha~

i tink this is da longest post .. and dats all, bUhbWAiZ!!


FuN .. =]

>> Monday, 11 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. got 85 for bI .. aihz .. just cant get a 90++ for 1 examz .. aihz .. da best is my seni .. hehe~ just 2 more marks!! sobz .. well nvm .. =] got my chinese paper .. got 69 oni!! rene is da chun-test .. i tink .. =] her karangan is so damn funny .. a lotta songs inside .. like CynDi Wang's Yue Guang and Energy's Wo Ting Jian Tian Shi Ge Chang (sth like dat) .. haha~ and da karangan is oso quite sad .. haha~ mine leh, haha~ when i write da time nth funny, but after i read, haha~ y so funny wan .. cuz rene spot da funny thing in it .. she reli can find jokes in ordinary things ..

we played sth .. well i tink like its in a court .. hehe~ Rene is my lawyer .. i'm proud of it .. =] i'm da murderer!! haha~ but it ends up nth .. cuz we fight on my DNA .. and then teacher came in .. haha~ i "murdered" Zhe Juin, and the ghost of her come 2 da court and kacau .. haha~ i mengorban 1 of my hair .. haha~ act as evidence .. i wonder how can it solve da mystery .. juz 1 evidence .. and cuz i hv siblings, the DNA will maybe the same, and the others doesnt agree, so they kinda fight lorz .. aihz .. and da 2nd reason we cant solve is we laugh 2 much .. i laugh until my stomach ache .. haha~


a NiCe SuNdAy

>> Sunday, 10 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. i watch da Trivia thingy on AEC .. so damn funny .. i laugh like siao po .. haha~ just cant stop laughing .. hehe~ and then went to da pasar malam near my house .. met Sook Shiang (izzit spelled like dat??) and Soo Ern .. hey dun get jealous of me!! she walk in da pasar malam herself, and playing her hp or wtv .. =] dunno wat reason my mom brought me there .. oh well .. i bought Evonne Hsu's Xing Fu album .. cuz my mom ask me if i wanna buy a cd or not .. since she pay for me, so i buy!! at first i wanna Jerry Yan's Di Yi Ci , but i like Evonne better, sorry ar Jerry .. hehe~ aihz .. wanna support original but cant .. this is me .. =] okie dats all 4 today .. bUhbWAiZ ..


MaLaySiAn iDoL ReSuLtS!!

>> Saturday, 9 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. tHis post will be especially for da msian idol results .. =] and a lil bit in my life larz .. this will be da last post 4 dis year's Msian idol .. =]

went 2 1U .. da new building one .. saw no dJ-ians!! nyahahahaha .. well i bought a shirt (hehe~ lan c) .. and i saw a fashion show or wtv it is .. the models are soooooooo damn thin .. but pretty .. =] i like da shoes .. =]

okie .. when da show starts, I WANNA SHOUT!! WHOO HOO!! i'm easily influence .. hehe~ da gals wore pink in da 1st place .. they were so pretty!! and Julian was there .. i think he can go into maybe final 10 or wtv .. i juz watched when its final 3 .. kinda late .. =] all da 10 finalists were there!! oh yea .. wish i were in genting .. sobz .. JAC WON!! CONGRATS!! Jac is da 1st malasian idol!! whoo hoo!! dina is kinda .. sad, but she is mostly happy larz .. 4 her fren .. =] although she didnt win, but she is still very good 2 come 2 final 2 .. maybe her luck will come in da next msian idol!! if she still participate .. =] congrats 2 dina and jac .. =] and once again JAC YOU RULEZ!! hehe~

okie .. i tink thats all .. so bUhbWAiZ!! Rock On Jac!! you too dina!! *lots of muaxxx-es*


MaLaySiAn iDoL FiNaL!!

>> Friday, 8 October 2004

hAyEeZ!! da second post 4 today .. just watched MI Final today .. and this post will be just for this, but if you're not a MI fan, you still can read!! its for ur general knowledge (haha~) ..

dina did great, but not as good as Jac .. aihz .. kesian .. maybe dina is just nervous, da finals mah .. when i watched, i felt that i wanna shout with da ones in Genting!! cant shout .. my mom will scold .. hehe~ i tink dina is thinner adie .. =] i like da coat that is wear by Jac, when she sing da When I Fall In Love .. izzit?? oh well, i like da coat .. maybe dina can learn more from jac, since jac has more experience then her .. hope they still can be friends after da results!! hehe~ and hope jac will be da first Malaysian Idol!! ROCK ON JAC!!

okie this is all .. i gotta find a new skin .. to get ready .. =] bUhbWAiZ .. Sweet dReamS (if u read this at night)!!


nOrMaL dAy

>> Thursday, 7 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. went 2 skool 2day .. still a normal day when teacher is not in class .. laugh, talk, sing .. hehe~ Me, Zhe Juin, Pin and Min singing Remix .. haha~ Me and Zhe Juin sing ZChen's Mo Ri Zhi Lian , Min and Pin sing Jay Chow's Qi Li Xiang <7> .. we laugh a lot, but we still made it .. whoo hoo!! hehe~ quite weird ..

Rene borrowed me 2 books .. and i choose da thin one .. i read finish adie!! ah ....... it will be boring on da hols .. juz 1 day oni larz .. hehe~ quite nice .. =]

2day science teacher gave us a crossword puzzle 2 solve .. girls vs boys .. one of da question is which food contains mineral, vitamins and er .. fibre .. this question is for girls .. start with S, 5 letters .. its not fruit, and jesse (i tink) said salad .. dats da answer .. no one expect it!! and today is salad day .. da boys come out with salad-er .. wat does dat mean?? hmm ..

2day is just a normal day, and also called salad day, hehe, okie this is how long my post will be!! bUhbWAiZ ..


FiNaLLy WeNt bACk tO sChOoL

>> Wednesday, 6 October 2004

hELLoZ .. 2day finally got school .. aihz .. quite boring .. just checkin marks, tokin craps, laugh like siao po (nyahahahaha) and bla bla bla .. aihz .. got 69 for my bM! argh ... go 4 tuition nd i drop .. this proves that tuition is useless .. 2 me larz .. hehe~ got 83.5 for my moral!! omg .. my first A 4 moral!! *clap hand* haha~ got 87 for my maths .. did i mention it before?? got 88 for seni .. aihz .. no 90++ .. hehe~ quite satisfied larz .. except bM!! sobz .. got 73 for pJk .. got 66 for kH!! sobz ..

teacher ask us to write down our ambition .. someone wrote he wanna be a Mister Universe .. haha~ i wrote down psychologist, singer and computer programmer .. haha~ i cant be an actress .. hehe~ the last one i dunno need to put reporter or computer programmer, but oh well .. =]

teacher said today PJ got badminton .. but afterward teacher cancel it adie .. haha~ kesian Zhe Juin .. she brought her badminton racquet .. we play volleyball 4 a while .. and then we decided to play iCe and FiRe .. but after that we cancel adie .. hehe~ no reasons .. then our so-called director iYin said we should use this opportunity to practice our drama .. which is sth funny .. i change my role with Zhe Juin .. sometimes da ghost sometimes da man .. nyahahahaha .. we cant even take da first show, cuz i lurv laughing .. hehe~ and da director never tell us how to do .. so i'm not suitable to be an actress!! need to improve ..

okie i think thats all for today .. =] so ermm .. bUhbWAiZ


bOriNg dAy ..

>> Monday, 4 October 2004

yOz .. 2day is a very very boring day .. chat with rene .. haha~ she said i can be a psycologist .. so that i can solve siao siao ppl (such as Rene)'s problems .. haha~ rene is not siao larz .. but i reli think of 2 be a psycologist .. omg .. am i siao??!! hehe~

watched MI result show .. i missed yesterday's .. hehe~ oh well as i expected .. Vick is out .. kesian .. his laughs and smiles are so unnatural .. like he is desperate .. aihz .. kesian .. aihz .. Dina thought she can't get into Final 2 .. cuz Jien said it (dunno whats dat) until like she cant made it .. aihz .. Dina cried .. if i were her i reli will cry .. good luck u guyz!! hope Jac will be da 1st malysian idol .. =]

okie i think dats all .. need 2 stay at home till wednesday!! aihz .. boring men .. buhbwaiz


More Quizzes!!

Pic is too big, so i delete it.
Your beauty is FUN!!! Man, you really don't CARE about the way you look because it shouldn't get in the way of you having a good time. You love being around lots of people and are very friendly too. Your beauty tends to be very ordinary at first but your care-free nature and contagious laughter make you very appealing. You've got great verbal skills and your sooo easy to get along with because not only are you quite understanding and compassionate but your light-hearted about things as well. You don't get under stress that much which helps you keep up your perky personality. Your beauty can be characterized by a laugh.

What kind of Beauty should you have? (girl)

You're a Winter. You very much enjoy your time alone but do like other people's company sometimes. You just need your space. You have a few priviledged friends who saw past your colder exterior to find the true you. You can have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to admit it) so you could be soft one second then storming around the next! But over all, you're a very pleasant person once people take the time to get to know you. You're a good friend for in-depth talks. You're very talanted when it comes to creative things.

What season are you?


a nOrMaL dAy

>> Saturday, 2 October 2004

yOz .. actually i decided not 2 write my blog 2day, but very boring, so i came!! hehe~

i watched MI yesterday .. cuz its Final 3 adie mah .. hehe~ in all da 3, i like Jac da most (Jac's fans will be very happy!!) .. hehe~ Dina is .. ok larz .. i dun reli like Vic, this is just sth small, but it'll change everything .. i'm like that .. =] he change breath/took breathe or wtv at da wrong time!! yeap, this spoil everything!! aihz .. kesian Vic .. er no offense .. i vote 4 Jac .. hehe~ dun think Vic can be in da next round .. =]

i read Sin Chew 2day .. read da entertainment news .. well there's a place where da singers introduce their album .. they write sth bout their album larz .. 2day's/this week is Z-Chen .. he write until so funny .. i kept laughing .. =] .. my sis kept asking me what's so funny .. haha~

Oh well .. i'm gonna change my layout after a few days!! i'm changing da things in da script .. so u just gotta wait!! nyahahahaha~ buhbye~


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