sO dAMn sCaRy ..

>> Thursday, 30 September 2004

yOz .. i 4got 2 bring water 2day!! ah .. aihz .. so torturing .. aihz .. kesian me

2day just discussing test paper .. got 69 for my science!! ah .... i expect 4 70 above!! sobz .. bM objective i got correct 40 questions .. ok larz .. as usual ..

got called by Puan Betty .. so scary .. Pn Sharon asks us where we sit, and then bLaa bLaa bLaa .. so scary .. da atmosphere is soooooooo serious .. aihz .. so damn scary .. this proves that u can't go 2 any formal er .. party or wtv .. i'll get nervous .. =] aihz .. hope i do da right thing .. aihz ..

did some quizzes just now .. view my results .. =]

You have a heartsick soul! You're the type of girl who always has a crush and is writing their name on all your books. You are a hopeless romantic. Waiting for that prince charming, you take love seriously, but still play any chance you get. You can have a lot if boys who are friends, but waiting for that perfect boyfriend. Sometimes you are discouraged because there are no sparks but even if the smallest thing happens, youre on Cloud 9. You believe in true love and wait for it. Just dont be afraid to take a chance. Love is all about risks.

What Kind of SOUL do you posses? (For Girls only)

You're a magical unicorn! As all unicorns go, magic unicorns are amazing with enchantments and can perform spells and all kind of crafts. Magic Unicorns have horns that if drank from can cure
blindness, and give immortality. All magical unicorns are very kind and heart-warming, but can get tempermental if a spell goes wrong. Magical Unicorns live in forests where they can practise all there magic in secret. But, if a human befreinds a magical unicorn, they have a friend for life.

What kind of Unicorn are you?

You're the cheerful smile, the one that's truly happy with almost everything you do and would never change your life.

What Kind of Smile are You?



>> Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Your eye color should be pink. You're the classic girl next door, a sweet, loving, daddy's girl. You can be shy when meeting new people and absolutely adore cute and cuddly animals and toys.

What Colour Eyes Should you Have?

You are the color pink. As a beautiful and sweet human, you are everybody's favorite person. Healthy and energetic, you're often seen spreading the happines. As an unusually charming and sweet person, you're always ready to comfort people who are down. You sympathize with everyone, but not always yourself. Aside from that, you are light-hearted and cheery. And you make it your duty to make every cloud have

What color are you?


i LuRv ShOuTiNg and Rainbow!!

Happy Birthday to my cousins -- Aimee and Charlotte and my fren Hui Xin and Won Bin (i tink)!!

yOz .. juz finish our examz!! oh yea .. Maths is ok larz .. Sejarah is so damn hard!! i nv study form 1!! cuz i 4get .. hehe =p most of dem i tembak .. aihz .. hate tembak-ing .. hehe =]

Sharon came in and ask us to come 2mrw .. 4 lecturing .. aihz .. maybe we will be famous .. in another way .. aihz .. sobz .. i'm innocent .. my friend said that all POL students kena .. WHAT?? that stoopid Sia larz .. dunno how 2 judge ppl .. luckily he's not a judge .. if not da country will not hv peace .. hehe =p

bI is so damn easy!! i do finish in 30 minutes and i thought i was da fastest .. so i check sambil see ppl who has done finish .. hehe =p so boring, so i drew sth .. used about 7 minutes .. haha~ and then write 2 song's lyrics .. hehe~ JJ's (scared) and .. its da same music .. but one is chinese and another is english .. used about er .. 40 minutes .. cuz everytime i write i write it senget .. =p so i rub and write again .. oh my hand ache ..

finally, EXAMZ OVER!! WHOO!! hehe~ shouted quite loud .. Rene who stand beside me was SHOCKED .. hehe~ i know .. my face doesn't suit me well .. =p


examz .. and lectures ..

>> Tuesday, 28 September 2004

yOz .. we are hving bM1 and geografi today .. before we hv our bM (i think), Pn Sharon came in and lecture us, for da pakat-ing that happened yesterday .. aihz .. kesian us .. bM is so damn hard!! most of da tatabahasa i dunno how 2 do .. aihz .. hate it larz!!

after we do finish our bM, Pn Lee came in and lecture us .. again .. i wonder why adults love lecturing and they don't put it as their hobby .. kesian ..

Geografi is emm .. ok larz .. a lil hard .. i tot da exam that is set by Pn Sharon would be 101% hard .. this is just 60% hard .. i higher-estimate (or wtv) her .. haha~ after we hv our geografi, pn norhayati lecture us .. AGAIN .. aihz .. adults are all like that ..

some of da teacher said that da whole class will get 0 for kH .. WHAT THE .. i'm purely innocent!! and my fren said da POL students will get 0 .. bcuz of Sia .. WHAT?? this is not our fault!! its Sia's fault!! or maybe da school start it out .. if da school don't hire a damn blur teacher to teach us, there will be no spying case here!! grr .. if that person don't tell teacher bout yesterday, there will be no lecturing, no scolding, da class's name will not be polluted (or wtv) and everybody will be happy!! maybe da ones who never spy will be angry, but that's nth wrong right? aihz ..


change my blog layout ..

yOz .. just change my blog's layout .. yeap .. kinda like spring cleaning .. haha~ cuz change da name and da layout .. i'm sick (not reli larz) of my old one .. so i change!! oh its in purple again .. i know i know .. aihz .. still can't find a layout with blue colour skin that i like .. aihz ..

i wrote this blog midnight .. haha~ thats why i can't change from panda to a normal person .. aihz .. kesian man .. just read a lil in Geografi .. hate bM!! hope i no need 2 go 4 bm tuition 2mrw!! oops is this night .. i have my bm examz finish already when i go home .. so hope i no need 2 go ..

we are hving SJ, maths 1 and er .. bI1 (i think) in Wednesday!! ah .. just need 2 wait for a lil bit more time and we are free!! how long izzit from da last time i screamed? hmm .. da last scream is aug 30 .. 4 da stoopid merdea thingy .. LURV SHOUTING!! need to be better in screaming .. hehe~ i lurv makin noise when it's da time .. oh well .. gotta go .. mom is calling .. *yawnz* buhbye~


examz .. again

>> Saturday, 25 September 2004

yoz .. I HATE MY (not reli mine) COMP!! oh .. da mouse can't move again!! arh .. and da comp kena virus larz .. dunno wat virus izzit .. sigh .. ok lets talk bout yesterday, that is friday:

we are having bI 2, Science 2 and emm .. SeNi .. Seni is a lil hard larz .. need 2 draw "bandar kita" poster .. i just draw a kLcC and kL tower .. hehe~ science is sooooooooooo hard!! argh .. for number i got wrong!! *sobz* hope i can get 75 and above .. bI 2 is a lil hard 2 .. da article dunno how 2 start .. and da telephone conversation simply write .. ehehe~ now i hope i can get an A for bI .. sigh ..

iYin (i tink) give me a kangaroo doll for my bday!! thx a lot~

still counting down ..


examz .. examz ..

>> Thursday, 23 September 2004

finally .. never go online for 2 days .. da mouse suddenly cannot move .. after fixed, i can't connect!! i use TMnet .. they say da phone line is busy .. what the .. no one phone, no one pick up da phone, aih .. we are having our examz this week and next week .. iyin lost my nostalgia yesterday!! thank god hui lynn took it back .. ok stop talking crap .. lets start with yesterday

Wednesday: we are having Maths 2 and bM 2 .. maths are ok lorz .. 30% easy .. heyz i'm not smart wei!! and then bM is ermm .. ok oso lorz .. 30% easy .. my friend told me that got perwatakan and nilai dan pengajaran .. and it come out with semangat patriotik!! aih .. luckily i never go and memorize perwatakan .. =] well em ..

Thursday, that is today: having bC and Science 2 .. bC, haha~ Sia is really very ermm .. stoopid .. da questions (most) are from the w/b we buy .. but i never study .. hehe =] science is so damn hard men .. tembak most of em .. sigh .. hope i can pass with 75 above ..

still counting down to my bday .. hehe


>> Monday, 20 September 2004

heyz .. iyin told me bout her dream 2day .. not reli very detail .. ermm .. kinda same .. maybe juz same person larz .. ok lets start

iyin said that she dreamt bout JJ on sunday!! hey why is JJ there!! *sobz* ok and then ermm .. she said Twins (a group formed by 2 gals in hK) kidnapped her sis .. and then dunno wat happened, iyin said that she chase JJ for his auto!! iyin also said that she wanna get more autos from JJ so that she can sell it 2 me!! what the .. ahaha~ why izzit so alike?? i mean why is JJ and me is in iyin's dream?? well nvm .. but iyin has got JJ's auto in my dream, and now she get another one in her dream?? *cry* NOT FAIR!! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!! hehe.

zhe juin ask me 2 sing Jay Chow's Qi Li Xiang (7 miles fragrance) .. i sing for like emm .. 7 times?? oh my .. if i dun like this nice song i'm gonna find zhe juin!! and i dun think i can dream of Jay Chow today ..

2 more days till examz .. sigh .. studying sejarah and sastera .. HATE EXAMZ!!


My Weird dReaM

>> Saturday, 18 September 2004

heyz .. i have this weird dream (kinda) today ..

it starts of when me n iyin are in school, and it is recess, goin to have class .. and then me and iyin look inside to da afternoon session bilik guru .. i saw JJ sittin in 1 of da tcher's place (what the ..)!! and he is chatting with other teacher .. i am so excited that time, kept on shouting "JJ!! JJ!!"

At night, me and iyin in da same car (dunno whose car) and just driving round da neighbourhood .. suddenly we stop. iyin said "lets go 2 JJ's house. he stay somewhere here." (what?? i thought he's in s'pore) and then we reach JJ's house (outside). then iyin suggest that we ask JJ for his autograph, i ask her where to get paper. she then take a old newspaper from that car for me .. and then i ask her if its ok to visit JJ now, cuz maybe we're disturbing him. she never answers. and then we jump off da car and walked into JJ's house.

the door is wide open. we went in without knocking/ringin da doorbell. i saw JJ sittin on da floor colouring a 3D skull (can't believe he is sittin on da floor!! and why is the skull appears??). and we just stand at the door. then iyin accidentally made a sound. we change to another place (kinda like change place without moving). JJ heard dat sound and turned to the place we stand before. he saw no one's there so he continue his work. i stand in front of him *omg* .. and then i accidentally made a sound .. again .. i dun have enuff time to change my place, and caught by JJ *wow* .. he saw iyin too, which stand at da back of him. he ask me what are we doin here. i never answer cuz i dunno wat 2 call him, JJ or Lin Jun Jie or Mr Lin *haha* .. iyin answers for me that we wants his autograph *why is she talkin 2 him?? grr .. * then JJ have da *ok* look .. and then we chat for a while .. actually JJ chat with iyin more then he chats with me .. cuz i'm too xcited and i'm kinda shy .. hey, iyin is shy-er than me!! can't believe dreams upside down everything!! ok. lets get back to da topic. when its time to go back, he gives us his auto .. in silver pen .. i still can remember how he sign it!!

wow .. thanks to Rene, for telling me how to dream bout celebs, and thank to me 2, for listenin 2 JJ's songs quite a lotta times these days .. haha .. wait a minute, iyin likes Wilber not JJ!! i'm da one who like him!! why is she in my dream?? ah nvm .. this dream also proves that my social skills is not good enuff .. gotta find a way to improve .. sigh ..



>> Friday, 17 September 2004

Rene never come today .. lost one of the source of laughter .. but at least no need to hear the observations larz .. ehehe~ today got spotcheck .. i scared like hell .. not because my bag got barangan larangan .. but i brought my ring .. as usual .. hehe~

Pn Tan nv come .. so En Zulkifli and Sia is the relief tcher .. it is normal larz when Zulkifli came in .. but when Sia came in, haha~ when Pn Betty came in, he ask all the guyz go 2 the pavillion to do dunno what .. and then she asks Tuck Lee why he go out without pass .. to prove he have the pass, Tuck Lee ask Sia did he give him back the pass or not .. Sia's reaction is .......... staring at him .. ahaha~ can't believe Sia's english is so bad man .. he will get an F for his english paper .. Sia kept telling us to that keep quiet in bM .. he talk and stop just to say a sentence .. sigh .. all language also sux, i wonder how he graduate from Uni ..


piano exam result

>> Thursday, 16 September 2004

got my piano exam result!! yay .. i'm very nervous when my piano teacher said she wanna give me my result .. when i saw the marks, YAHOO!! i passed!! but 110 only .. sigh .. just 10 more marks then got a merit oledi .. but quite good oledi larz .. ehehe~ i failed my scales .. *sobz* cuz at that time (hving my piano exam) i'm too nervous, and then i forgot .. *sobz* other is ok larz .. my aural just pass .. also too nervous .. i said wrong some (the examiner ask questions after he play a music) .. ehehe~ how to cure nervousness huh? sigh ..

pn norhayati and pn tan never come!! yay!! pn tan gave us homework .. sigh .. let see .. nth weird happen 2day larz .. normal day .. i'm goin to start my studying for the last-term examz .. HATE EXAMZ!! ok .. that's all for now .. ciaoz~


My 1st day ere~

>> Saturday, 11 September 2004

heyz .. my 1st day in blogger!! well, last time i have a blog here (blogger) .. cuz dunno how to change the template, so i delete that blog .. and then i have my blog in xanga .. its quite easy to do .. but can't change the template easily .. hehe~ and then i found this website (i'm always kinda late receiving news) about blog skins .. and that is when i know why other people's blog are sooooo nice .. hehe~ like this template? i like the starz .. hehe~ not much things happen today .. juz findin skins .. so there's nth 2 much to write .. so, ciaoz~


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